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These 5 zodiac signs are the mother of a group of friends

There is always one individual in a circle of friends who is always looking out for everyone else. The mother coordinates the group’s activities, ensures that everyone returns home safely after a night out, and carries an absurdly large bag stocked with food, pain relievers, feminine hygiene products, and other necessities.

Some astrological signs are born to play the “mom” role in their social circles. They are the friendly signs that truly care about the happiness of others, but they are also quite methodical and straightforward. They always have the basics on hand and are prepared to deal with any emergency. They take on the persona of a dependable friend who will always be there for you when you need them.

The parent of the group is extremely concerned about her friends’ physical and mental well. When you start to get irritated, they’ll offer you a granola bar, tell you to drink water, and text you therapy. “They put forth additional effort to ensure their friends feel loved and cared for, and it shows.

These 5 zodiac signs are the mother of a group of friends

An astrologer has identified the five signs of the zodiac who tend to take on the role of “mom” in their social circles.


Cancers, being a water sign, are highly sensitive. They are hyperaware of shifts in the atmosphere and are experts at restoring equilibrium. Cancers are kind individuals who are always there to support their friends. No matter what happens, they’ll make sure everyone is comfortable and welcome.

Cancers, whose planetary ruler is the moon, are naturally nurturing people. They are the ones who calculate the bill at restaurants, fill your glass with water at the club, and bring you soup when you’re sick.


Because of their attention to detail and practicality, Virgos are excellent at taking care of the logistics of their friends’ lives. For this reason, they are the ones that not only organize the weekend trip, but also proudly take the helm while the group makes its way through security. Having a Virgo mother makes you feel safe and secure.

Individuals born under this sign are compassionate and kind, often looking for ways to aid those closest to them. If you phone your Virgo best friend at midnight, not only will they answer, but they’ll have the perfect thing to say.


Air sign Libra, symbolized by the scales, is said to have a keen sense of right and wrongs. This quality makes them great arbiters when tensions arise among friends and explains why they always seem to be the voice of reason when things heat up in a group conversation.

They value peace and stability in their relationships, so they are constantly seeking for new methods to make things right. They are trustworthy caretakers because of their diplomatic nature and attentiveness.


The Capricorn in your circle of friends will be the first to step in when someone needs food, medicine, or a place to change. They will, in reality, carry around five variations of each item. They are responsible, diligent, and protective since they are earth signs. They are the quintessential example of a trustworthy friend.

Capricorns are notorious for staying up late after a night out just to make sure everyone is safe at home. (If you forget to SMS them, they will call you.) They need you to check in because, like any good mother, they don’t always trust other people’s judgment.

These 5 zodiac signs are the mother of a group of friends


You can bet that the person with several Pisces in their birth chart is the de facto mom of the group of friends. Because Pisces are the zodiac’s eldest sign, they exude an aura of wisdom and maternal nurturing when you sit on their sofa for a cup of tea and ask for guidance.

Pisces has a built-in capacity for empathizing with others. They are always willing to listen with empathy when you need to unload, and they can usually guess what you need before you ever ask for it. What else could it be if not maternal vigor?


In sum, astrology is a fascinating tool for learning about ourselves and the roles we play in our communities. Some zodiac signs, the essay claims, are predisposed to play the nurturing and loving “mom” role in their social circles. These zodiac signs are the rock upon which their communities may rely because of the strength of their empathy, compassion, and sense of duty.

Each person is unique, and astrology is not a conclusive science, but it may be entertaining to learn more about how your sign affects your personality and how you interact with others. Zodiac signs aren’t the only thing that may affect the dynamics of a friendship; other aspects, such as life experiences and maturation, are just as important. Accepting and appreciating differences in personality and function among friends strengthens bonds and creates a positive, harmonious environment.


Q1. Can zodiac signs predict friendship roles?

Astrology provides attributes for each zodiac sign, but people are molded by many influences. While certain zodiac signs are more caring, many other variables affect how people engage with others. Personal growth, upbringing, and experiences shape our friend group positions.

Q2. Is becoming the buddy group’s “mom” good?

Being the “mom” of the friend group means nurturing and supporting pals, which may strengthen ties. It’s important to create a balance and avoid becoming overbearing or ignoring oneself. Friends should value each other’s talents and efforts.

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