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On July 20, during the Leo Moon, 3 zodiac signs reveal their feelings for a certain someone

The Moon in Leo is to be praised since its gentle, loving glance gives us the strength to do the unthinkable: tell our secret crush how we actually feel. Huzzah! Today, July 20, is a great day for three zodiac signs to be themselves. On July 20, 2023, under the Leo Moon, three zodiac signs figure out how to tell a crush they like them.

We have repressed our feelings for long enough, and now is the time to go to the person we have a secret crush on and shower them with love. We are in charge! We are courageous and self-assured; we can take any criticism we receive in stride. During the Leo Moon, we will cut to the chase since all we want is honesty.

Having a crush on someone is a lot of fun. The mood of discovery and excitement is amplified under the Leo Moon. large emotions, large insights, and big love are what this transit is all about. When the fiery, extroverted zodiac sign of Leo travels through the lunar nodes, we contemplate bravery, audacity, and the willingness to take on new challenges. No matter what happens, this is the day you tell your crush how you feel about them.

during the Leo Moon

We aren’t worried about fitting in since the ‘one life to live’ mentality of modern society makes it seem like it doesn’t matter much anyhow. Of course, none of us wants our crush to reject us, but today brings the sort of emotion that emphasizes openness in one’s romantic feelings. The fate of our romantic relationships depends on others, but we are the advocates of our own. At the end of the day, we will have accomplished something, and that is better than nothing. On July 20, 2023, the Leo Moon will inspire intense romantic activity amongst these three signs.

On July 20, 3 zodiac signs confess their feelings for a certain someone:


The time to confess your feelings to your crush has come. For as long as I’ve known you, you’ve been a ‘one life to live’ sort of person who is willing to take chances. You don’t believe in wasting time, and although your sign is notorious for lethargy, you are anything but sluggish when it comes to expressing your true feelings for the person you have a crush on.

On July 20, under the desirable waxing crescent Leo Moon, you won’t waste any time getting in touch with the person you have your sights set on. You’ll go up to them and confidently let them know what’s on your mind. Your self-assurance is so high that you can’t even fathom the possibility of being turned down. They believe that if you set your mind to something, nothing can stop you from achieving it. Take them out, you bulls.


Your integrity has always served you well, and when your courage and self-assurance are at a peak, you can do anything. You should expect nothing but the best from today’s Leo Moon. You’ll be able to zero in on the person you want to tell that you like, and since your Sagittarian aim is always true, you’ll hit the bullseye every time. You’ve found someone you truly, really, really like. You never plan on being rejected by them, thus the possibility is never even entertained.

And with that sort of assurance, you’ll go up to them, in person or by text, and basically tell them that you’re in love with them and ask what they’re going to do about it. Yes, you cut to the chase. Now that you’ve handed off responsibility, it’s up to them to respond; and since you’re standing right there waiting for it on July 20, you definitely will. Why not just say it as it is? Let us cut to the chase. Yes, you and they both do.

during the Leo Moon


If anticipation is the most trying aspect, then this is the day to say that it is finally done. It’s July 20 already, so you can’t hide the fact that you have feelings for someone anymore. So, you should finally tell them how you feel about that crush you’ve had. It’s time, in your opinion, to let them in on the truth about who you are and what you can do. The Leo Moon brings you this realization, which is far too uplifting to keep to yourself.

No longer can you ignore your emotions. You should tell your crush how you feel and try to make sense of your feelings. Even if they don’t bite, you should still express your feelings for your crush as soon as possible. After proving your worth to yourself, you’ll feel fantastic!


For those interested in a lighthearted look at the signs that could confess their affections to their crushes on July 20, 2023, the horoscopes are a great resource. It’s important to keep a light heart when reading astrological readings, even though the practice may be enjoyable. Although astrological signs are helpful for gaining perspective on people in general, they have little bearing on things like emotional expression or love attraction.

Focus on developing honest and open conversations with your crush rather than depending entirely on astrological indications. Be honest about how you feel and open to hearing their perspective. Keep in mind that love and relationships are personal and that astrological compatibility may only go so far.


Q1. When I ask my crush if he or she likes me back, would they give me the truth?

When it comes to a person’s sentiments for you, astrology can only provide you with broad, zodiac-based insights. Instead of depending exclusively on horoscopes to determine if you’re compatible, try talking to them, observing their actions, and taking note of how they treat you.

Q2. Should I tell my crush how I feel if I know what sign they are?

A person’s zodiac sign should not be the primary deciding factor in whether or not to confess their feelings to another person. While astrology may be helpful for gaining perspective, it is more important than ever to be true to yourself and communicate frankly and honestly.

Q3. Does astrology have any bearing on how well two people get along?

There is a school of thought that suggests astrology might play a role in determining romantic compatibility. However, keep in mind that healthy partnerships need a commitment to open dialogue, mutual regard, and common ideals. While astrology may be an interesting tool for gaining insight into a relationship’s potential dynamics, it shouldn’t be used as the main criterion for pair selection.

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