Best weekly horoscopes for the 3 zodiac signs between July 17 and July 23, 2023

For the week of July 17-23, 2023, the New Moon is responsible for the most favorable horoscopes for three specific zodiac signs. This week’s New Moon in Cancer encourages practicing self-love and -care. Try to find one item to accomplish this week that will make you smile and feel good about yourself. It might be anything from doing housework or watching a movie to getting a manicure and a pedicure while belting out your favorite tunes to yourself. You have a natural sense of what’s right. Just do it. This includes what you put in your body, so to speak.

On July 17, during the New Moon, fresh starts are possible for those of you in these three zodiac signs. The zodiac sign of Cancer is now hosting the New Moon. Therefore, the most effective forms of manifestation are those focused on love, family, and material well-being. Peace and love will increase in your life during the following few days as the Moon continues to wax. Avoid having harmful substances or persons contaminate it.

If you and another person have been at odds for a while, now is the moment to makeup or part ways. If the latter is out of the question, then perhaps you or your partner are being excessively inflexible or self-centered. Or if your concern for the other person exceeds their concern for you.

New Moon in Cancer

How The New Moon In Cancer Boosts 3 Zodiac Signs This Week


Capricorn, this week is all about love, justice, and karma. Being on the finest horoscopes list will ensure that they work in your favor. When you’re feeling affection for someone, you naturally gravitate toward them. Your conversations will remain in each other’s thoughts long after you’ve parted ways. It won’t be a bother at all.

This week, karma is on your side. As is fairness. This may not have anything to do with the case at hand, but it will affect the way you think. You’ll have heightened awareness and insight that’ll serve you well in social and political situations.

The primary astrological influences this week come from the Sun’s position in Cancer, opposing Pluto in Capricorn, and the Sun’s conjunction with the Moon in Cancer. Keep your cool, but don’t be a jerk about it. Keep your cool and you’ll win, no matter what the other side says.


This week, Sagittarius, you have a clean slate provided by fate. This blank canvas is waiting for your imagination. This week will bring out the genius in some of you. Invest your time and effort where it will bear fruit down the road. Some of you, especially those under 25, are also supposed to take a family vacation.

The Moon, Mercury, and Venus are all in Leo, and their powers will be felt this week. The Moon in Cancer indicates a warm and welcoming start to the week. The Sun’s upcoming transit from Cancer into Leo will restore your sense of optimism and happiness since the energy of Leo is congruent with that of Sagittarius. Because of the sun’s beneficence, the following two weeks should go swimmingly for you. When spending time with loved ones, it’s crucial not to ignore what’s happening in the world. While vivacity may be ideal for mingling, normal life must go on. Maintain your proficiency, and everything will work out.

New Moon in Cancer


This week, Cancer, take things easy and steady. You’ve got the wind at your back thanks to the New Moon in Cancer to kick off the week. If you’ve been wanting to tell someone how you feel but were too afraid, now is the moment to do it. Express yourself with grace and avoid making assumptions that might offend the other person.

The Sun, currently in Cancer, will move out of your sign later this week. This week, the sun will be in a favorable position, so use it to your advantage and get as much done as you can in your professional and artistic endeavors. When the Sun moves into Leo next week, you may experience a brief period of sadness. The presence of Juno in Cancer also makes this a wonderful week for making love. Just make sure you and your partner have the same expectations. If not, the next opposition of Juno and Pluto might bring tragedy.

You will be more reclusive and contemplative than normal this week. Don’t try to go against this or let yourself be misled into socializing by peer pressure. Your intuition is also strengthened by the current favorable vibe. If you allow yourself to become sidetracked, you will miss this window of opportunity.


In conclusion, the information presented should help you better understand why some signs of the zodiac tend to have better weekly horoscopes and astrological forecasts than others. It draws attention to particular qualities and traits shared by these signs, which may lead to brighter forecasts for the coming week. However, horoscopes and astrology should be considered with an open mind. Although astrology can provide useful insights and assistance, it is not a foolproof method of foretelling the future. Our everyday lives are shaped not just by the things that happen to us and the decisions that we make, but also by the external environment. Keeping our free will and the ability to direct our own lives are essential considerations when using astrology as a self-improvement tool.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can my zodiac sign provide the finest weekly horoscopes?

While certain zodiac signs have better weekly horoscopes, astrology cannot guarantee their accuracy or consequences. Weekly horoscopes are based on celestial body alignment and should be viewed critically. Choices, circumstances, and progress affect our life.

Q2. Does a bad weekly horoscope for my zodiac sign guarantee a bad week?

Your zodiac sign’s absence from the top weekly horoscopes does not indicate a bad week. Astrology predicts broad trends and occurrences, but not particular weeks. Choices, behaviors, and external factors impact our weekly experiences. Each week should be approached with openness, adaptation, and positivity.

Q3. Can astrology foretell my week?

Astrology provides weekly predictions based on celestial body alignment. Astrology can guide and foretell, but it cannot anticipate specific events or experiences. Personal choices, behaviors, and environmental forces affect a week’s occurrences.

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