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3 Zodiac Signs Feel Unloved During Mars Trine Jupiter on August 1, 2023

Today, August 1, 2023, is a day that makes us feel like we are being neglected, and we don’t want to come off as spoiled brats for saying so. If we’re in committed relationships, it can make us feel neglected, but here’s the funny part: it’s possible that none of that is actually the case.

We ‘feel’ unloved today because Mars is trining Jupiter in three zodiac signs. While this transit can have miraculous effects, it also has the potential to expose the parts of our mind that make us feel isolated or alone. For three zodiac signs, today’s Mars trine Jupiter brings a profound sense of isolation amid a vast and expansive universe.

This may sound a bit self-pitying but understand that psychological overtones like this are commonplace for Mars trine Jupiter. Whether we are liked or not, this is how life is, and it might leave us feeling ignored. Even if we don’t want it, the Mars transit that begins at the beginning of August 2023, will make those of us born under the signs of Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius a little bit…paranoid.

Even if we have done all in our power to ensure that our loved ones pay attention to us, it is possible that as of August 1st, we will no longer be a priority in their lives. We imagine love to be all-consuming, with our lovers giving us their undivided attention 24/7, yet even they occasionally have something else to do.’ Today, we’ll take that to mean that we’re being neglected. Inconvenient! Even so, we’ll make it. A day at most. The entire planet!

On August 1st, three zodiac signs are feeling lonely:


It’s possible that you’ll feel a bit odd today, Libra, since you don’t think you deserve the care you’re now receiving from your love partner, which is really ‘no treatment’ at all. You feel misunderstood by your spouse, but on the first of the month, when Mars trines Jupiter, you may realize that they have more essential things to take care of than you. You’ll be strong and manage, but you could start sounding bitter when you talk to them.

You should save your breath because they aren’t paying attention anyhow. If you feel overlooked because you are not your partner’s first priority today, try not to take it personally. Maybe they’re hiding a good reason that they’ll explain to you tomorrow.


Keeping calm today may be more challenging than you anticipate. On August 1, 2023, during the transit of Mars trine Jupiter, you will realize that your significant other seems to barely recognize your presence and that you are plainly not getting your message through. This treatment makes you feel terrible, and you may start to wonder what you did wrong to warrant such avoidance.

What in the world have you done to warrant such apparent disregard from them, and why are they acting this way? You feel abandoned, and even though you know this isn’t true, you can’t seem to escape the notion that you’re all alone in the desert. Scorpio, you are not being forgotten despite your tantrums. Simply said, your spouse has other commitments that do not involve you right now, and it would be best if you could accept that.

Mars Trine Jupiter


The only thing worse than an unsatisfied expectation is an even higher anticipation. Say “hello” to August 1, 2023. You and your significant other may have made plans for today, but the astrological configuration of Mars trine Jupiter seems to have derailed any celebrations.

You ‘anticipated’ things to appear a particular way, and now that your partner is obviously out of reach, you wonder what the heck happened, and why today. Wasn’t today “supposed to” be your big day together, or did you just make that up? During the Mars trine Jupiter transit, you will realize that assumptions don’t work in a world where communication is paramount and that the next time you should talk things out rather than wait for assumptions to pan out.


The essay probably dives into how people of various zodiac signs understand loneliness and isolation on this day. While it’s certainly enjoyable to delve into the mysteries of astrology, it’s important to do so with a healthy dose of skepticism. Lacking solid facts, astrology may not be the best way to explain why some people feel hated while others do not.

One must go within, gain self-awareness, and talk to loved ones in order to comprehend and overcome feelings of being unloved. Those who look to astrology alone to explain their feelings risk being misled and missing the opportunity to address the real problems holding them back.


Q1. Do unloved sentiments really translate into the stars?

Feelings of rejection are not always reflected in astrology’s broad forecasts based on zodiac signs and heavenly bodies. Personal, societal, and psychological elements all have a role in shaping one’s emotional experiences. It’s possible that using astrology alone to understand feelings would be oversimplifying.

Q2. How can I recognize the symptoms of a lack of love in my life?

Isolation, low self-esteem, hypersensitivity to rejection, and trouble making and keeping friends are only some of the negative outcomes of chronic feelings of unlovedness. However, these emotions can be caused by more than just astrological factors in one’s life.

Q3. How can one deal with the pain of feeling unloved?

To overcome the pain of feeling unloved, it helps to recognize and accept that your sentiments are accurate. It’s important to reach out for help from someone you trust, whether that’s friends, family, or a trained counselor. Self-care, learning to appreciate oneself, and better relationships all have a role in easing these emotions.

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